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*knock* *knock*


anyone here?

where are all the almost 3 year olds at?

big brother and sisters?

anyone else pregnant right now? my new due date community is full of stupid and i can't handle it. i need more pregnant friends!

let's get some updates on these kids!
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Heathog had a good idea!!!

[info]heathog  inspired me by posting new pictures of her cuties.  Moxie is now 2 1/2 and Truth is 5 1/2 months old.  We're getting into the groove of being a family of four pretty well.  Moxie and Truth get along very well, though Moxie does have control issues with mama and papa showing up with more and more frequency (yay?).  We are planning on having one more, and will probably start to TTC early next year.  How's everyone else's family planning going?


Tot-friendly videos at TotLOL

We don't have TV at home, but we do watch the occasional DVD and I let Kyra get a bit of a video fix online.

It's been my goal for some time to either find or make a collection of user-submitted videos that are fun and safe for toddlers. First I made a blogspot page and embedded my favorite YouTube videos for Kyra; later I made a huge playlist on YouTube with all her favorites. Both worked well but didn't get much exposure beyond my close friends.

Now someone has come along and built a whole community dedicated to finding, prescreening, and categorizing videos for tots. I just found TotLOL.COM when it was recently featured on LifeHacker.com. I like the community-based screening and submission review process, and I'd like to have a few friends as well!   If you like TotLOL, please check out my profile and "friend me"  (ewwww! how MySpace is that!)  at http://www.totlol.com/fireflyfaster .
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Second Babies have arrived?

Hi Everyone!

Moxie has a sister now, Truth was born on 3/26/08 and I thought I'd post their picture and solicit the others who've had "newer" additions to their families share as well!

Moxie adores her baby sister, but was a bit upset with us for the first few weeks.  She loves to hug and kiss her and frequently wants to "hold na baby".   I'm currently in negotiations with their dad about #3 LOL.


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Cloth Diapering

 I'm getting interested in cloth diapering for my next baby and have been reading up on it a little bit.  Where do you gals buy your diapers from? How many do you have? I read that you need about two dozen, does that seem right? Do you really think it saves a lot of money and is as easy as disposables??

Thanks for your help/opinions!

Second Pregnancies

 I was just wondering, to those of you who have had or are having baby number two, three, four, etc. How have these pregnancies compared to your first one?  My first (and only) pregnancy was very easy and enjoyable. I hardly had any sickness (only nauseausness) and didn't get really uncomfortable until the last couple of weeks. I had some back pain and some sciatic nerve pain, but nothing bad at all. I actually loved being pregnant!!

That being said, I have been reading up a little bit on second pregnancies and have found a few things saying that they were much worse than the first. Many women had a great first pregnancy and a horrible second or third one. I am concerned because my husband and I are planning on TTC in the next few months, hoping to get a summer baby. I am going to be in my last year of college, which will include student teaching my last semester. I am getting nervous after reading all this stuff, thinking it might be too much to take on. I had always thought my next pregnancies would be fairly easy, since my first was, but now I'm not so sure.

Any thoughts and experiences are welcomed.