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24 June 2008 @ 11:53 am
Tot-friendly videos at TotLOL  
We don't have TV at home, but we do watch the occasional DVD and I let Kyra get a bit of a video fix online.

It's been my goal for some time to either find or make a collection of user-submitted videos that are fun and safe for toddlers. First I made a blogspot page and embedded my favorite YouTube videos for Kyra; later I made a huge playlist on YouTube with all her favorites. Both worked well but didn't get much exposure beyond my close friends.

Now someone has come along and built a whole community dedicated to finding, prescreening, and categorizing videos for tots. I just found TotLOL.COM when it was recently featured on LifeHacker.com. I like the community-based screening and submission review process, and I'd like to have a few friends as well!   If you like TotLOL, please check out my profile and "friend me"  (ewwww! how MySpace is that!)  at http://www.totlol.com/fireflyfaster .